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Unit 5 Canada The True North Reading学案(新人教版必修3)

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Unit 5 Canada The True North Reading学案(新人教版必修3)

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课    题 Unit5 Canada—“The True North” Reading

自    学    质    疑     学    案
导学 学 习 目 标 识记 理解 应用
 1.阅读课文,回答问题并分析翻译句子,把握整篇文章脉络,了解加拿大的概况——地理位置、主要城市、风土人情等。   I 
 2.通过微课助学,解决自学中80%的疑难。  I III
 3.通过合作探究,能区分重要知识点的用法,准确率至少达到80%。   III
 4.在理解文章脉络的基础上能够复述课文,准确率至少达到60%。 IV  
 5.在具体情境中独立完成课后拓展阅读训练,准确率达到90%。   IV
重点难点  深层次理解课文,熟记知识点,熟练复述课文。
阅读记录 学    案    内    容




   Canada is the second largest country and a multicultural country. How much do you know about it?
1. What is the longest trip you have ever taken? 
2. If you take a trip to Canada, what do you think you might see there?
Task I:阅读课文,回答下面问题。
1. What’s the main idea of the text?
   The passage is about _________________________ the whole Canada, and it tells us some information about the country.
2. Complete the route of the trip according to the passage.





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学    案    内    容 阅读记录
3. Why are they not flying directly to the Atlantic coast?
4. Why is the population of Vancouver growing so rapidly?
5. How are ocean ships able to reach the centre of Canada?
Task II. Listening. Listen to the tape carefully and pay attention to the pronunciation, intonation and stress. After listening, read the text aloud.
Task III. 分析翻译句子并掌握好句中重点单词短语句型的用法。
1. Rather than take aeroplane all the way, they decided to fly to Vancouver and then take the train west to east across Canada.
2. People say it is Canada’s most beautiful city, surrounded by mountains and the
  Pacific Ocean.
3. It is so wet there that the trees are extremely tall, some measuring over 90 meters.
4. That afternoon aboard the train, the cousins settled down in their seats.
5. Earlier that day, when they crossed the Rocky Mountains, they managed to
               catch sight of some mountain goats and even a grizzly bear and an eagle.
III. 小组合作        









自   我   反   思

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训    练   展   示   学   案
目标导学 学 习 目 标 识记 理解 应用
 1.解决自学质疑课中生成的问题。 I    
 2.记住本节所学的知识点,能画出知识树。  II II
 3.能用本节课所学知识,进行造句或作文。   III
重点难点 rather than; surround; measure; manage; catch sight of; aboard; settle down

(教师点拨) 学    案    内    容




Task 1 口头展示-----复述课文
(for level A and Level B students )

 China          __________          __________

     ________________           ________________

     After dinner__________         ________         ________

(for level C students to retell the text according to the short passage)
Li Daiyu and her cousin Liu Qian were ____ a trip to Canada. ______ than take the aeroplane all the way, they decided to fly and then take the train to Canada. Canada is the second _____ country in the world. It is 5,500 kilometers from coast to coast. Going ________, they saw beautiful scenery as well as large cities. Vancouver is ____________ by mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Having _______ down in their train seats, they caught _______ of some goats and a grizzly bear and an eagle. They went by the city of Calgary which is famous for the Calgary Stampede. Many of the cowboys taking part in the competition there have a ______ for riding horses. Then they arrived in Thunder Bay, a city at the ____ of the Great Lakes, and learned even more about Canada and its natural resources.
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学    案    内    容 学生笔记
Task 2 知识运用
1. Why not get some work experience first _____ go straight on to university?
A.rather than   B.or rather   C.other than   D.more than
2.听到这个令人兴奋的消息,他哭了而不是笑了.(rather than)
3. surround
1) He lives in a house _____________(被…包围着)beautiful flowers and grass.
2) On arrival, the movie star found himself ________ by the enthusiastic fans.
A.to be surrounded  B.surrounded
C.being surrounded  D.having surrounded
3) ______the public, the thief felt very terrified.
A. Surrounded by  B. Surrounding by  C. Surrounded  D. Have surrounded
4. The president said that the government would take tough _________to solve
 the problem.
A. ways    B. measures     C. methods    D. means
5. We have bought a big house, which _____ over 15 metres.
  A. is measuring   B. measures   C. measuring   D.is measured
6 .When we finally ________ to get home after the tiring long journey,we could hardly move a step further.
A.tried    B.succeeded    C.attempted    D.managed
7. He planned to ____________(定居)in the countryside.
8. Please go ______ the ship quickly. There is only ten minutes left.
  A. abroad   B. aboard    C. board   D. broad
9. There was a hole in the door, through which I ________ sight of Mr. Brown
 sitting in a chair.
 A. caught   B. made   C. took    D. got
10. It saves time in the kitchen to have things you use a lot ________ easy reach.
A.near    B.upon    C.within   D.around
11. Guilin is famous for its beautiful _________.
A. view    B. scene    C. sight    D. scenery
12. Just like his father, he _______________(有天赋)music.
III. 能力提升
 Rather than; surround; measure; manage; catch sight of; aboard; settle down;have a gift for
1. C 层学生用以上单词或短语造句。
2. A,B 层学生运用以上单词短语创设语境,连句成文。

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(教师点拨) 学    案    内    容







IV. 课外话题拓展阅读
Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia. It is larger than the USA and reaches nearly a quarter of the way round the earth. The distance from east to west is over 5,500 kilometers and the country covers six of the world's 24 time zones. However, its population, about 33.8 million, is only about one-fifth of Russia's. Nearly 90% of Canadians live within 200 km of the border with the United States, which means that Canada contains vast expanses (宽阔的区域) of wilderness to the north. Canada's native peoples make up less than two per cent of the population. 
The weather is different from area to area. In the north, the winters are long and hard, with snow for six months of the year. The temperature can fall to -60℃.In the capital, Ottawa, the average winter temperature is -10℃, and in summer 21℃.The west coast of Canada is the warmest place in winter. The average January temperature is 3℃, and in July it is 18℃.Here it rains a lot every month of the year. Plants grow well all the year round and the parks and gardens are famous for their flowers.
Canada has one third of the world's supply of fresh water. There are five great lakes in the south, and there are many others, especially in the north. Most of the electricity is produced by water. The country has a great deal of coal, oil and natural gas, and these are all exploited (开发) for energy.
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学    案    内    容 阅读记录
Much of the country is covered by forests, and wood is cut and sold all over the world. Canada is also the world's biggest producer of the kind of paper that is used for newspapers. Fishing is also very important for Canadians. Fish from the east and west coasts is sold to many other countries.

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