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    本试卷分第I 卷和第Ⅱ卷两部分,共12页。满分150分。考试用时120分钟。考试结束后,将本试卷和答题卡一并交回。

第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分)
例:How much is the shirt?
1.What does the woman ask John to do?
A.Leave the room for a moment.
B.Have a discussion with Pete.
C.Get something to eat.
2.How much will the speakers pay for the match?
A.£24.    B.£42.    C.£48.
3.Why can’t the woman pick up the man now?
A.Her car is under repair.
B.She can’t open the car door.
C.She locked her car keys in her house.
4.Where are the speakers?
A.In a restaurant.   B.In the man’s office.    C.In a theater.
5.How does the man feel?
A.Relieved.     B.Worried.    C.Angry.
6.What are the speakers talking about?
A.A notebook computer.    B.A mobile phone.    C.A new T—shirt.
7.What can the tiny computers do?
A.Receive messages.
B.Switch lights on and off.
C.Operate the air conditioner.   
8.What is the woman doing?
A.Deciding on the time for a holiday trip.
B.Learning about some festival customs.
C.Looking through her schedule.
9.When is Easter this year?
A.April 6th.     B.April 8th.    C.April 9th.
10.How will the man go to the Art Museum?
A.By motorbike.    B.By bus.     C.By car.
11.What should the man do when he comes to the third turning?
A.Turn right.     B.Turn left.    C.Go straight.
12.Where is the Art Museum?
A.Opposite a bus station.    B.Beside a hotel.    C.Behind a bank.
13.How often will the man be available to work?
A.No more than two evenings a week.
B.Up to three evenings a week.
C.At least three evenings a week.
14.Why does the man apply for a part-time job?
A.To gain work experience.
B.To improve his social skills.
C.To earn money.   
15.What is the man good at?
A.Solving problems.
B.Communicating with people.
C.Working in a group.
16.What will the man do on September 10th?
A.Have a lesson.
B.Work for the community.
C.Meet the woman.
17.From whom did the speaker get the information of the project?
A.Her neighbors.   B.Her cousins.     C.Her friends.
18.Where did the speaker come from?
A.China.      B.Thailand.     C.Australia.
19.What does the speaker ask her family to do?
A.Learn about sea animals.
B.Recycle as much as possible.
C.Take part in the cleaning project.
20.What will One-Day Clean-up focus on on January 11th next year?
A.The woodlands.    B.The seaside.    C.The rivers
第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)
    Welcome to the home page of the Photography World website.We offer a range of useful services for photographers and photography lovers.
    Camera Club
    Join our club and enjoy a range of benefits.You’11 get invitations to our regular events,such as members’film shows,exhibitions and talks by experts.You can apply for Full membership,Asso-date membership or Junior membership.Full membership includes free entry to all events and 10%discount when ordering equipment online.Associate membership gives you half-price tickets to events.Junior membership(proof of age required)allows youngsters to enjoy the benefits of Full membership.Costs(per year):Full membership 20,Associate 12,Junior 10.Most new members joined as the result of recommendations from current members.
    Advice Center
    Take advantage of our Advice Center.Ask our panel of experts your questions about cameras and photography.Whether you’re looking for solutions to problems or fresh ideas for interesting photos,you’11 get response here.Simply email your questions to advice@cameraclub.com or leave a recorded message On 0800—565656.We guarantee to send you a reply by email within five days.Please note that since we can’t provide information about repairs to cameras,you should contact the manufacturer about these.
Our competition is held every year and is a great chance for new and experienced photographers to win one of our great prizes,which range from albums to keep your photos in to one-day courses or a set of state-of-the-art camera equipment.Entries can only be accepted from members.They can be sent in prints,on a CD or memory stick,or by email.Please note that photos can’t be returned,so make sure you have copies.The topic—for example,wildlife,transport,people—is announced each year here on the website when the competition opens.
21.Which of the following is a proper price list for an event organized by Camera Club?
22.Which of the following CANNOT be obtained from the advice center?
A.Solutions to problems about photography.  B.Fresh ideas for interesting photos.
C.Response to club members’questions. D.Information about repairs to cameras.
23.What’s the requirement of the competition?
A.Competitors must be experienced.
B.Competitors must have membership.
C.Competitors’works must be sent by email.
D.Competitors must have spare copies of their photos.
I was really nervous about English class this year because I was an eleventh grader taking a twelfth grade class.I knew that I wouldn’t know anyone in the class,and that scared me a little.But since I didn’t know anyone,I had the chance to do something I love almost as much as socializing—people watching.
One of the most interesting girls in the class sat directly behind me.She was always laughing and talking,and she just seemed so happy.She was friendly,too—she was one of the very few people in the class who made any attempt to acknowledge me.
At the end of the year,we were assigned a big project.It was a very open-ended project,where the instructions were basically to read something,then read or watch something else that related to it,and then come up with a class presentation based on what you learned.
The presentations were spread out over the last month of schoo1.The girl behind me presented on one of the very last days.She got up in front of the class,and told how she had read about eating disorders,because she herself had struggled with one.Since it would have been too difficult for her to talk to us about it directly,she and a friend(who had also suffered from an eating disorder)had made a movie,where they interviewed each other about their eating disorders,how they had felt while they were struggling with them,and how they had overcome them.By the end of the presentation,almost everyone was in tears.
The most shocking thing about the whole presentation was how surprising it was.I never expected that she would have had a problem like that.She always seemed so happy and confident;it was hard to picture her counting calories because she thought she wasn’t good enough.
You also never know what kind of impact you have had on people’s lives.The courage of the girl behind me to talk about something so personal,and her strength to ask for help and overcome her problems have inspired me.
24.What can we learn from Paragraph 1?
A.The writer was a twelfth-grader.
B.The writer liked observing people.
C.English was the writer’s weak subject.
D.The writer had a few friends in the class.
25.How did the writer find the girl friendly?
A.She sat directly behind the writer.
B.She attempted to disturb the writer.
C.She was always laughing and talking.
D.She said hello to the writer in some way.
26.What is the 4th paragraph mainly about?
A.The girl’s presentation.     B.Eating disorders.
C.A successful interview.   D.A moving movie.
27.What did the writer finally realize?
A.The girl wasn’t good enough.
B.The girl was always happy and confident.
C.It takes long to really know a person.
D.It is easy to overcome one’s problems.
The unusual whistle language used as a means of communication by villagers in the remote and mountainous northern Turkey has been added to the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.
The language is a highly developed high—pitch system of whistling to communicate in rugged(崎岖的)areas where people mostly cannot see each other.It can allow people to communicate across great distances,up to 5 kilometers.Compared with other similar whistle languages in Spain’s Canary Islands,in Mexico,or in Greek villages,it has a higher tone and larger vocabulary.
This unusual form of communication,which dates some 500 years ago,to the Ottoman Empire was born from sheer necessity and widespread across the Black Sea regions.
But 50 years ago,it suffered the impact of the progression of technology and nowadays the rapid growth of cellular mobile systems has put this cultural heritage under serious threat.
For centuries,the language has been passed on from grandparent to parent,from parent to child Now,though,many of its most proficient speakers who use their tongue,teeth and fingers are aging all becoming physically weak.Young people are no longer interested in learning the language or in finding ways to update its vocabulary with new words,and in a few generations it may be gone for good.
“Our bird language is very convenient and efficient to communicate across the valleys.It has many benefits over yelling,which is bad for our throats.”said Avni Kocek,head of the bird village adding that despite setbacks because of technology,“bird language is still used by many of us.Whistle language is transmitted from our elders to us and we have the duty to transmit it to our children. We are making efforts to keep our culture alive through the annual Bird Language Festival.”
Besides,the bird language has been required to be taught at primary schools since 2014 by district authorities in order to instill the practice in younger generations.
28.What is the bird language’s advantage over other similar whistle languages?
A.It is used as a means of communication.
B.It is older and has a larger number of users.
C.It can send more messages to farther places.
D.It is a completely different system of whistling.
29.What’s the biggest threat to the bird language?
A.Other whistle languages are more effectively protected.
B.The necessity to use it in everyday life is disappearing.
C.Many of its most proficient speakers are growing old.
D.Young people find it too difficult to learn well enough.
30.What’s the most effective measure so far taken to protect the bird language?
A.It has become a subject at primary schools.
B.Bird Language Festival is celebrated every month.
C.Cellular mobile systems are not allowed in the area.
D.All parents are required to transmit it to their children.
31.Which of the following can be the best title for the text?
A.Preserving the Endangered Bird language
B.The Story of a Bird Language Speaker
C.Celebrating the Bird Language Festival
D.The Disappearance of Bird Language
    The term“forensic linguistics,”in its broadest sense,covers all areas of study where language and law intersect(交集).A famous example of its application is the case of Chris Coleman,who was suspected of killing his family in 2009.Robert Leonard,the head of the forensic linguistics program at Hofstra University,presented some important linguistic evidence in the trial against Coleman.Relying heavily on word choice and spelling,Leonard suggested that the same person had written the threatening e-mails and sprayed the graffiti(涂鸦),and that those samples bore similarities to Cole—man’s writing style.Coleman was later found guilty of the murder.
    Robert Leonard was not the first one who used linguistic evidence in criminal investigation.The field of forensic linguistics was brought to attention by his colleague James Fitzgerald in 1996 with his work in the case of the Unabomber,who had sent a series of letter bombs to college professors over several years,causing many deaths.Working for the FBI,Fitzgerald urged the publication of the Un-abomber’s letter—a lengthy declaration of the criminal’s philosophy.
    After the letter was published,many people called the FBI to say they recognized the writing style.By analyzing sentence structure,word choice,and other linguistic patterns,Fitzgerald narrowed dram the range of possible authors and finally linked the letter to the writings of Ted Kaczynski,a former mathematician.For instance,Kaczynski tended to use long parallel phrases,which were frequently found in the bomber’s letter.Both Kaczynski and the bomber also showed a preference for dozens of unusual words,such as“chimerical”and“anomic.”The bomber’s use of the terms“broad”for  women and“negro”for African Americans also enabled Fitzgerald to roughly calculate the suspect’s age.The linguistic evidence was strong enough for the judge to search Kaczynski’s isolated cabin in Montana;what was found there put him in prison for life.
On some level,finding hidden meanings from linguistic evidence is what we all do intuitively(凭直觉地)in our daily language interaction.This is exactly the same work forensic professionals do.As one forensic-linguistics firm,Testipro,puts it in its online promotional ad,the field can be regarded as the basis of the entire legal system.”
32.What is the main idea of the passage?
A.Robert Leonard has provided linguistic evidence in court cases.
B.The Fill relies mainly on language experts to solve its crime cases.
C.Finding hidden meanings in language use is important for daily life.
D.Studying texts can provide critical evidence in criminal investigations.
33.Which of the following is true about the Unabomber?
A.He didn’t like to be called negro.
B.He was good at analyzing the use of language.
C.He declared his philosophy in a written statement.
D.He was a professor of mathematics living on Hofstra campus.
34.What type of language feature is NOT mentioned in the passage?
A.Spelling of words.      B.Sound pattern.
C.Selection of words.  D.Grammatical pattern.
35.What can be inferred from the passage?
A.Meaning can be changed in the process of writing.
B.Some features in language use are shared by everyone.
C.People tend to stick to certain habitual patterns in their use of language.
D.Crimes are usually committed by people who are wise and highly educated.
    The ability to stay positive is one of the most important skills for us.Why is this? The reason is that we will spend most of our lives setting and trying to achieve goals.Everyone has dreams.Everyone wants to know deep down inside that they were put here to do something great.  36  The second you set a goal,obstacles will begin to appear to stand in your way.Most people let these challenges rob them from the life they really want.
    If you want to achieve greatness,if you want to experience the best life possible,then be prepared to get knocked down over and over. 37  This explains why there are so many people who have stopped trying to reach their dreams.
    So how do you remain positive regardless of what type of challenge you are facing? It all comes down to how you choose to respond to any situation as well as what you decide to focus on.No matter how bad your situation is,you can always find something good in it. 38 
If you keep focusing on how bad you have it,how are things supposed to get any better?  39  Of course it is.If this is true,why even bother thinking positively? That is because if you do,you have a chance to make things better.If you don’t,things will usually get a lot worse.
Realize that challenges are a part of life.  40  It’s what makes reaching a goal worth it.If you were able to get everything you wanted without even trying,the victory wouldn’t taste as sweet.
A.Everyone will have to go through them.
B.Staying positive can be beneficial in many ways.
C.Staying positive during situations like this is not easy.
D.You can do things like reading positive books or listening to positive songs.
E.Is it possible to be positive and still have your circumstances get even worse?
F.However,the problem is that life is tough.
G.So what you can do is start focusing on what is good.
第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)
第一节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)
    This year has been a busy year of travel for me,and the end of the year is no exception.I 41 an early morning flight that had me up at 4:30am to get to the airport.The thought of such an early flight made me  42  ,but then I started to think about the chain of people who would make that early journey  43  for me:my Lyft driver,check-in agent,security staff,gate agents,flight crew,etc.They all do their jobs at an early hour  44  I can get to my destination safely.
    When the trip  45  ,I realized I had a(n)  46  :I could be annoyed about having to take an early flight and hold this  47  with me.Or,I could choose to be  48  for this modern machine of safe air travel and the people who made it possible.Just thinking about the  49  choice got my mind working about  50  I could show my gratitude:what if I got a little gift for every  51  I encountered on my journey?
Then I started to think about what kind of gift would be  52 .Because it was a trip,they had to be  53  enough to fit in my luggage. 54  ,I decided a Starbucks gift card would be portable and a universally appreciated item that would  55  them to get a coffee/tea or snack.
    For the first time in years I actually  56  getting up at 4:30am! I ended up giving gift cards to my Lyft driver,airport security agent,two gate agents,and four flight attendants,  57  of whom said thank you and smiled while  58  their duties.And,  59  arriving fired and upset,after only four hours of sleep and a long  60 ,I was energetic and happy to share my story.
41.A.missed      B.caught     C.booked    D.boarded
42.A.upset       B.excited     C.delighted    D.shocked
43.A.difficult      B.possible     C.comfortable   D.impressive
44.A.while       B.until      C.unless   D.so
45.A.came       B.ended     C.passed    D.delayed
46.A.mistake      B.choice     C.passport    D.appointment
47.A.activity      B.creativity     C.negativity   D.priority
48.A.grateful      B.responsible C.punctual    D.anxious
49.A.either       B.neither  C.former    D.1atter
50.A.why       B.how      C.where    D.when
51.A.child       B.person     C.worker    D.passenger
52.A.expensive      B.delicate     C.fashionable   D.appropriate
53.A.small       B.heavy     C.flexible    D.cheap
54.A.Fortunately     B.Obviously    C.Gradually    D.Eventually
55.A.remind      B.enable     C.force    D.persuade
56.A.got used to     B.got fired of  C.1ooked forward to  D.suffered from
57.A.one       B.few      C.all     D.none
58.A.paying      B.performing C.ignoring    D.considering
59.A.in spite of      B.as a result of  C.regardless of   D.instead of
60.A.flight       B.wait     C.rest     D.thought
第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)
    Around three in five people in the UK will find  61  necessary to care for all elderly or a disabled loved one at some point.This can be made much  62  (easy)by bearing in mind a few simple principles and pieces of advice.
    63 (care)for an elderly loved one most likely a parent,is never easy.It can cause great pain emotionally and  64  (physical)and the financial challenges can sometimes seem difficult to deal with,too. 
Often one of the hardest things is striking a balance between your parent’s desire  65  (feel) independent and the need to ensure that they are safe and their health needs are being attended to.Sometimes this can create tensions and  66  (argue),only adding to the stress of an already difficult situation.It is important here to make them feel that they are being listened to and  67  you only have their best interests at heart.
The same applies  68  financial issues.In order to cover the costs of their parent’s care—including bills and medicine—many people will investigate options such as selling the family home.The most important thing here is communication—it is vital to make sure that everyone involved,including other brothers and sisters, 69 (be)aware of what’s being proposed and cooperates to find a solution  70  satisfies everybody.
第四部分 写作(共两节,满分35分)
第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
All students from our class go to the exhibition displaying China’s outstanding achievements in last month.As soon as we arrived,a guide gave us a introduction to the exhibition.While listen,we made some notes carefully.We felt excitedly and couldn’t wait to start the visit.We were both inspired by the various exhibits,including the models of the high-speed train.We took a lot of photo and were proud of the achievements of our country.
The next day,we decided have a class meeting to present which we had seen.Immediately we devoted ourselves to prepare the presentations.
第二节 书面表达(满分25分)


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