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第一节 单项填空(共15小题;每小题1分,共15分)
例:It’s so nice to hear from her again. _____, we last met more than thirty years ago.
A.What’s more      B.That’s to say
C.In other words      D.Believe it or not
1. —Ted’s flight from Amsterdam took more than 11 hours. He _____ be very tired after such a  
    long trip.
  —Yes, especially after working all night before the flight.
  A. must       B. need       C. might       D. dare
2. _____ there is still a long way to go, we believe that the doctor-patient relationship in China is
  gradually improving.
  A. Because    B. Unless    C. Although   D. Once
3. A new engineer was appointed to deal with the products _____ by customers.
  A. returning         B. returned         C. to return        D. return
4. Astronomers have discovered that three planets have sizes and temperatures similar to _____ of
  A. them             B. these            C. those           D. ones
5. —Honey, shall we adopt a dog?
  —Adopting a pet depends on _____ we have the ability to care for it. Actually, we are so busy.
  A. that      B. whether     C. which    D. what
6. _____ your strengths and weaknesses will help you achieve your dreams.
  A. Known           B. Know       C. Knowing        D. Being known
7. —Mom, is Dad coming to pick us up?
  —Yes, I am sure he _____ on the platform when we pull into the station.
  A. stands              B. stood           
C. has stood         D. will be standing   
8. With a science project _____, Kevin spent his entire weekend in the library.
  A. to complete             B. having completed       
C. completing          D. completed
9. The moment _____ I learned the results of the competition was one of the happiest times in my 
  A. which            B. when           C. where        D. why
10. Last year, every employee in our company _____ a physical examination free of charge.
   A. offered              B. was offered       
C. has offered            D. had been offered
11. —It’s so convenient to use cell phones to pay the subway fare.
—Yes. _____ thought of the idea is really brilliant.
   A. Wherever          B. Whenever         C. Whatever         D. Whoever
12. Upon arriving home, Lily found that her husband _____ a beautiful candlelight dinner.
   A. had prepared       B. is preparing      C. has prepared     D. would prepare
13. When _____, the new bridge will reduce travel time between the two cities from two hours to
   thirty minutes.
   A. built       B. building     C. build     D. to build
14. If it had not been for the kind guide, we _____ our way in the mountains.
A. would lose          B. had lost          C. would have lost    D. lost
15. —By the time we _____ to the movie theater, the tickets may be sold out.
—Don’t worry. I told Jane we might be late and she will buy our tickets.
A. got                       B. had got                  C. will get    D. get
第二节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,共30分)
Be Cool...Stay in School!
    In the eighth grade, I was student-body president of Erwin Middle School in Asheville. I considered this quite an   16   since there were over 1,000 students in the school. At the end of
the year, I was asked to make a speech at the ceremony where my class was   17   to high
school. I knew this had to be more than just the brief comments a student might   18   give. We’re the class of Millennium (千禧年),   19   I wanted my speech to be as special as we were.
I spent several nights lying in bed,   20   about what to say. Many things crossed my mind, but none of them   21   all my classmates. Then one night, it   22   me. Erwin High School has the highest   23   rate of any high school in our county. What better goal could we have than for every single one of us to   24  ?
The speech I gave on graduation day was only 12 minutes long, but what it started was
  25  . When I announced the challenge to my classmates, the entire audience, including the parents and teachers, broke into applause. As I showed the personalized certificates and signs each student would get, I could   26   they were really excited. I’d had no idea my challenge would bring this kind of   27  .
Throughout the summer, I worked on developing a program to carry our   28   into high school. I gave speeches to local clubs and groups. I also   29   a “Dropout Patrol”, made up of students who would be willing to help and support other students during bad times.
Then word began to   30   about our challenge. I appeared on local television, and calls started coming in from everywhere. Businesses are throwing their   31   behind us. We have banks, furniture stores, restaurants and more where we can get discounts for our entire family when we show our “Dropout Patrol” ID cards.
All this was   32  , because we are just starting a difficult four-year journey, but we have already made a significant   33  . Last year, 13 kids dropped out of the freshman class. So far this year, not a single person who signed the commitment has   34  , and the “Dropout Patrol” has become the largest organized group in the school.
The Erwin High “Committed Class of Millennium” would like to encourage your class to start a   35   like ours. Wouldn’t it be great if the entire class of Millennium, nationwide, had a 100 percent graduation rate?
16. A. intension   B. honor    C. enjoyment    D. advantage
17. A. invited    B. transformed   C. promoted    D. introduced
18. A. normally     B. constantly    C. completely   D. gradually
19. A. but     B. for    C. or     D. so
20. A. thinking    B. arguing    C. dreaming     D. talking
21. A. controlled   B. freed     C. involved   D. trained
22. A. trapped    B. upset    C. moved    D. hit
23. A. success    B. dropout   C. pass     D. graduation
24. A. explore    B. leave     C. graduate    D. develop
25. A. unreliable    B. reasonable    C. acceptable    D. unbelievable
26. A. tell     B. admit     C. remember    D. suggest
27. A. pressure    B. behavior    C. response     D. respect
28. A. commitment   B. research     C. application    D. responsibility
29. A. chose     B. followed     C. found      D. started
30. A. disappear   B. spread     C. leak      D. come
31. A. congratulations  B. support     C. questions     D. doubt
32. A. amazing    B. interesting    C. relaxing   D. convincing
33. A. appointment   B. impression    C. decision   D. difference
34. A. progressed   B. quitted    C. cared      D. tried
35. A. requirement   B. performance    C. program     D. ceremony

Great Books for Every Reader
She Flies Through the Air
Circus Life
Lee Stath (Marilees)
Hardback $29.99
Paperback $19.99
E-book $3.99
Having fear of heights is definitely not an advantage when flying over circus rings or swinging from one trapeze to the other. Rather constant practice and determination led trapeze performer now author Lee Stath, also known in the circus world as part of The Flying Marilees, to share how his instructor made one of the best catchers in the circus world out of an unwilling school teacher. Through She Flies Through the Air, Stath uncovers the determination of the human spirit and the energetic life on a circus train or inside a sweaty tin truck.

Never Quote the Weather to a Sea Lion
Paul Binder
Paperback $19.95

For Paul Binder the circus wasn’t merely a weekend escape—it was a lifestyle. Discover the origins of New York’s beloved Big Apple circus in Binder’s new memoir, which records his journey from lowly beginnings to circus founder. Never Quote the Weather to a Sea Lion will help readers understand the inner-working of the circus and find the magic in everyday life.

A Century on New Brunswick’s N.W. Miramichi
George S. Mumford
Hardback $29.99
Paperback $19.99
E-book $3.99

Experience the greatness of nature and the glory of life. In A Century on New Brunswick’s N.W. Miramichi, George S. Mumford shares his father’s journal, one that recorded an unforgettable first trip to a breathtaking region of Canada.
I Chose to Be a U.S. Marine
George W. Carrington
Hardback $23.99
Paperback $14.95
E-book $3.99
I Chose to be a U.S. Marine is author George W. Carrington’s military memoirs during his many years as a U.S. soldier at sea. This highly interesting and informative book is filled with stories of bravery and heroism lightened by amusing stories, tells of the author’s life in the marines.
36. If you are interested in Canadian wilderness, you can read _____.
   A. She Flies Through the Air     
B. I Chose to Be a U.S. Marine 
C. Never Quote the Weather to a Sea Lion   
D. A Century on New Brunswick’s N.W. Miramichi
37. Which two authors of the following have a similar experience?
   A. Lee Stath and Paul Binder.
   B. Lee Stath and George S. Mumford.
   C. Paul Binder and George W. Carrington.
   D. George S. Mumford and George W. Carrington.
38. The main purpose of the passage is to _____.
   A. introduce the authors      B. provide special offers
   C. expand readers’ horizons     D. recommend the books
Indian-origin Anvitha Vijay has given a new meaning to the phrase “age is just a number”; she has proved that achievements and knowledge follow passion and not just age and experience.
Vijay, who lives with her parents in Melbourne, Australia, at the age of seven realised that her piggy bank did not have enough money to hire a developer to make her an app, so she decided to teach herself how to code. With the help of YouTube videos, the young techie learned to code. For one entire year, she watched multiple coding tutorials on the web and became a programmer herself.
Vijay’s inspiration for developing the apps was her little sister, who was still learning to talk. Therefore, Vijay developed an educational app for children that were her sister’s age. The app is called Smartkins, which uses about 100 sounds and flashcards of different animals that help children learn and identify. Later, Vijay developed a similar iOS app for children to identify and learn colors. Each app has been downloaded thousands of times.
Anvitha’s skills won her a scholarship to attend a big tech conference hosted by Apple in San Francisco, California. There, she got tips from the pros. She went to workshops where she learned about the latest software for app building.
All that training led to an idea for a third app. This one, called GoalsHi, inspires kids to practice good habits. Users are rewarded for achieving goals, such as eating their vegetables or practicing piano. Anvitha says the rewards are like getting a sticker for a job well done.
Anvitha’s goal is to continue creating technology that helps kids learn while having fun. But even more important to her is that the world sees the power of technology in kids’ hands. “The more training we get in tech at an early age,” she says, “the better chance we have of becoming creativity champions who will one day change the world.”
39. Vijay taught herself to code because _____.
A. she couldn’t afford a developer    B. her sister begged her    
C. she valued her savings very much   D. her parents had confidence in her
40. Vijay’s app GoalsHi intends to help kids _____.
   A. identify colors       B. practice good habits
   C. learn different animals      D. get in tech at an early age
41. What is the right order of the events?
a. Learning the latest software for app building.
b. Teaching herself how to code.
c. Developing Smartkins app.
d. Building iOS app.
A. cbad      B. bacd     C. bcda     D. cdab
42. Vijay’s story indicates that _____.
   A. one head cannot hold all wisdom
 B. passion fuels the young to achieve
C. from small beginnings come great things
   D. all things are difficult before they are easy
British anthropologists Russell Hill and Robert Barton of the University of Durham, after studying the results of one-on-one boxing, tae kwon do, Greco-Roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling matches at the Olympic Games, conclude that when two competitors are equally matched in fitness and skill, the athlete wearing red is more likely to win.
Hill and Barton report that when one competitor is much better than the other, colour has no effect on the result. However, when there is only a small difference between them, the effect of colour is enough to tip the balance. The anthropologists say that the number of times red wins is not simply by chance, but that these results are statistically significant.
Joanna Setchell, a primate (灵长目动物) researcher at the University of Cambridge, has found similar results in nature. She studies the large African monkeys known as mandrills. Mandrills have bright red noses that stand out against their white faces. Setchell’s work shows that the powerful males—the ones who are more successful with females—have a brighter red nose than other males.
As well as the studies on primates by Setchell, another study shows the effect of red among birds. In an experiment, scientists put red plastic rings on the legs of male zebra finches and this increased the birds’ success with female zebra finches. Zebra finches already have bright red beaks (鸟喙), so this study suggests that, as with Olympic athletes, an extra flash of red is significant. In fact, researchers from the University of Glasgow say that the birds’ brightly coloured beaks are an indicator of health. Jonathan Blount, a biologist, and his colleagues think they have found proof that bright red or orange beaks attract females because they mean that the males are healthier. Nothing in nature is simple, however, because in species such as the blue footed booby, a completely different colour seems to give the male birds the same advantage with females.
Meanwhile, what about those athletes who win in their events while wearing red? Do their clothes give them an unintentional advantage? Robert Barton accepts that “that is the implication” of their findings. Is it time for sports authorities to consider new regulations on sports clothing?
43. According to their research, Hill and Barton conclude that _____.
A. the colour of clothing has an effect on most sport events
B. red should be the choice of colour for clothing in sports
C. red plays a role when competitors are equally capable
D. athletes perform better when surrounded by bright red
44. The underlined word “tip” in Paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to _____.
A. achieve   B. seek    C. keep    D. change
45. The example of the blue footed booby proves that _____.
   A. male birds use different body parts to draw attention
   B. red is not the only colour to attract female birds
   C. blue gives female birds the same advantage
   D. blue can indicate how healthy a bird is
46. What is the best title for the passage?
A. What Colour Implies More Power?    B. A Tip on Clothing
C. Need to Change the Rules in Sports?    D. Red Is for Winners
They hide in trees, hang from helicopters, even follow people down on motorcycles—all so that they can snap a shot of a celebrity. They are paparazzi—photographers who make a living by taking pictures of the rich and famous.
 This September, California, a state with plenty of celebrities, passed a law aimed at taking action against paparazzi. The law forbids photographers from entering private property to take pictures, from using high-tech devices to take pictures of people on private property, and from “persistently following in order to take a picture.” Violators can be fined or spend time in prison. The United State Congress is considering passing a similar law.
 Supporters of the California law say it will protect the privacy of celebrities, whom paparazzi have been bothering for years. Opponents (反对者) say the law restricts photojournalists from doing their job.
 Most celebrities seem to like having their pictures taken when they are in public at award shows or other events. After all, it’s free publicity. But when they’re not in public, they say, photographers should leave them alone. Yet paparazzi have been known to secretly look in windows and worse. Actor Michael J. Fox said that paparazzi have even “tried to pretend to be medical personnel at the hospital where my wife was giving birth to our son.”
 Celebrities have as much right to their privacy as anyone else, supporters of the law state. Supporters further argue that the California law is a fair way to keep the press at bay, because the law still allows photographers to do their job. It only punishes them, supporters say, when they violate celebrities’ privacy.
 Opponents of the law say it violates the First Amendment to the United States Constitution (美国宪法第一修正案), which guarantees that no laws will be made to limit “the freedom of speech, or of the press.” Although some people might not consider paparazzi a part of the legal press, the California law does not single out paparazzi. It applies to photographers working for any publication.
 Opponents of the law are also concerned about its wording. “Does ‘persistently’ mean following someone for six minutes, six seconds, or six days?” asked lawyer Douglas Mirell. The wording of the law is too vague, critics complain, and could be used to punish almost any news photographer.
 The United States needs a free press to keep the public informed about important news, paparazzi law opponents say. Limiting the press in any way, they argue, limits the freedom of all.
47. Which of the following will be considered illegal by the new California law?
A. Paparazzi slipping into the house of a famous person to take a shot.
B. Paparazzi taking photos of famous people with high-tech cameras.
C. Paparazzi hiring helicopters as a fast means of transportation.
D. Paparazzi rushing towards filming sites on motorcycles.
48. Supporters of the new law believe that _____.
A. it prevents the media from getting worse
B. it gives photographers a fair way to compete
C. punishment forces paparazzi to quit their job
D. privacy of famous people needs special protection
49. Opponents of the new law are concerned that _____.
A. It will violate paparazzi’s privacy
B. the First Amendment will be changed
C. some photographers will be wrongly accused
D. people will not be informed of important news
50. What is the author’s attitude towards the new California law?
A. Critical.    B. Neutral.   C. Approving.   D. Sceptical.

Bad News for the Highly Intelligent
There are advantages to being smart. People who do well on IQ tests tend to be more successful in the classroom and the workplace. They also tend to live longer, healthier lives, and are less likely to experience negative life events.
      51   In a study, Ruth Karpinski and her colleagues carried out a study on the members of Mensa, a high IQ society. The study covered mood (情绪) disorders and anxiety disorders. Respondents were asked to report whether they had ever suffered from each disorder. The researchers compared the percentage of those who reported disorder to the national average and found that Mensa’s highly intelligent members were more likely to suffer from a range of serious disorders.
     To explain their findings, Karpinski and his team bring up the hyper brain and hyper body theory. This theory holds that, for all of its advantages, being highly intelligent is associated with psychological and physiological “overexcitabilities”, or OE.   52   This can include anything from an astonishing sound to conflict with another person. According to the theory, OEs are more common in highly intelligent people. A highly intelligent person may overanalyze a disapproving comment made by a boss, imagining negative outcomes that simply wouldn’t occur to someone less intelligent.   53 
The results of this study must be interpreted cautiously. Showing that a disorder is more common in a sample of people with high IQs than in the general population doesn’t prove that high intelligence is the cause of the disorder.   54   All the same, the findings set the stage for research that promises to cast new light on the link between intelligence and health. One possibility is that associations between intelligence and health outcomes reflect pleiotropy (基因多效性), which occurs when a gene (基因) influences seemingly unrelated characteristics.   55   In a 2015 study, Rosalind Arden and her colleagues concluded that the association between IQ and living longer is mostly explained by genetic factors.  From a practical standpoint, this research may lead to insights about how to improve people’s psychological and physical well-being.
A. Now there’s some bad news for those smart people.
B. There is already some evidence to suggest that this is the case. 
C. It is an unusually strong reaction to an environmental threat or abuse.
D. Scientists did many researches to understand the reasons behind the advantages.
E. That may cause the body’s stress response, which may make the person even more anxious.
F. It’s also possible that people who join Mensa differ from other people in ways other than just IQ.
G. They found that the differences between the respondents were seen for mood and anxiety disorders.




第三部分:书面表达 (共两节,35分)
1. 志愿者工作内容;
2. 对志愿者的要求;
3. 报名时间和地点。

      2. 开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

    Good afternoon, everyone. May I have your attention, please? ________________________
Thank you for your listening.


    假设你是红星中学高三学生李华。请根据以下四幅图的先后顺序,给校刊“英语园地”写一篇英文稿件, 讲述上周发生在你们班的一个真实故事

注意:词数不少于60 。




第一节 单项填空(共15小题;每小题1分,共15分)
1.A    2.C   3.B   4.C   5.B  
6.C    7.D    8.A   9.B         10.B  
11.D     12.A    13.A    14.C   15.D
第二节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,共30分)
16.B    17.C   18.A   19.D    20.A
21.C    22.D   23.B   24.C   25.D
26.A    27.C   28.A    29.D    30.B
31.B    32.A   33.D   34.B   35.C
36.D    37.A   38.D   39.A   40.B
41.C    42.B   43.C   44.D   45.B
46.D    47.A   48.A   49.C   50.B
51.A      52.C     53.E     54.F      55.B
第一节 (15分)
(13分~15分) 完全完成了试题规定的任务。
(9分~12分) 基本完成了试题规定的任务。
(4分~8分) 未恰当完成试题规定的任务。
(1分~3分) 未完成试题规定的任务。
0分 未能传达任何信息;写的内容与要求无关。
三、Possible versions:
Good afternoon, everyone. May I have your attention, please? Our school will be holding the annual sports meeting next Friday. Now we are in need of 30 volunteers. If you work well with others and have a strong sense of responsibility, you are welcome to join us. No prior experience is required of volunteers, but you should have enough time in your schedule.
There is a wide range of volunteer jobs for you to choose from, including conducting registration of all the athletes, taking photographs of memorable moments, writing and broadcasting real-time news reports, assisting the judges in recording the results and dealing with emergencies that may arise. You are free to apply for any volunteer job based on your own expertise.
If you are interested, please sign up at the Student Union office from 12:30 to 13:30 this Friday.
Thank you for your attention.
    2.评分时,先根据文章的内容和语言质量初步确定其档次,然后以该档次的要求来衡  量,确定或调整档次,最后给分。
5. 词数少于60,从总分中减去1分。
    1. 发现老师生病    2. 课前进行准备
3. 老师带病上课     4. 课后慰问老师



(18分~20分) 完全完成了试题规定的任务。
(15分~17分) 完全完成了试题规定的任务。
(12分~14分) 基本完成了试题规定的任务。
(6分~11分) 未恰当完成试题规定的任务。
(1分~5分) 未完成试题规定的任务。
0分 未能传达任何信息;所写内容与要求无关。
四、One possible version:
    I had always felt that the last year of senior high school was the bitterest time of my life, until last Friday.
At lunch break, my classmate and I went to the teacher’s office to ask questions, only to find our math teacher sleeping with her head on the arms, some medicine beside her, as well as some exercise books. Then we hurried back to our classroom. I placed a chair behind the teacher’s desk, and my friend put a glass of warm water on it.
Entering the classroom, our teacher smiled at what we had done, and soon began her lesson. We all felt worried when hearing her cough from time to time. We listened attentively and tried to memorize every point she mentioned. After school, some of us visited her in the office with some fruits and snacks. And our teacher was still busy working at her desk…
That day, I realized we were lucky to have these dedicated teachers and that the busy days were not bitter but bitter-sweet.


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