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第一部分 听力(百强校英语解析团队专供)(共两节,满分20分)
1. What did the man do?
A. He started the phone.            B. He broke the buttons.                C. He fixed the screen.
2. What will the speakers buy at the store?
A. Bread.                        B. Meat.                            C. Chips.
3. How much did the woman pay for the refrigerator?
A. $800.                        B. $300.                            C. $150.
4. Where does the man most likely live?
A. In Canada.                    B. In New York.                    C. In California.
5. Why did the woman’s plants die, according to the man?
A. From not enough water.            B. From not enough sun.                C. From not enough plant food.
6. According to the man, who discovered America?
A. The Spanish.                    B. Columbus.                        C. The Native Americans.
7. What id the probable relationship between the speakers?
A. Teacher and student.            B. Mother and son.                    C. Friends.
8. Why does the woman want to go home?
A. She isn’t feeling well.
B. She needs to get something to eat.
C. She doesn’t want to attend the meeting.
9. What will the man do for the woman?
A. Drive her somewhere.
B. Work on her project for her.
C. Ask for a sick leave for her.
10. How does the woman know the man ate the cookie?
A. She saw him on the video camera.
B. Another customer told her.
C. She saw him in person.
11. Why did the man lie?
A. He didn’t want to pay.
B. He thought the cookie tasted bad.
C. He thought the cookies was too expensive.
12. What happened at the end of the conversation?
A. The man paid for the cookie.
B. The woman called the police.
C. The speakers went to the back of the store.
13. What event are the speakers attending?
A. A dinner party.                B. A wedding.                    C. An anniversary celebration.
14. What does the woman want most right now?
A. To dance.                    B. To eat something.            C. To change her clothes.
15. What did the man eat when he first arrived?
A. Some cheese.                B. Fish and rice.                C. Some cake.
16. According to the woman, what probably cost a lot of money?
A. The flowers.                    B. Jennie’s clothes.                C. Matt’s tie.
17. According too the speaker, what is Jen like?
A. Strict but loving.                B. New and talented.            C. Friendly and funny.
18. Which award did Luisa win?
A. Best Hairdresser.
B. Employee of the Year.
C. Best Customer Service.
19. How long has Dina worked in the salon?
A. Three months.                B. Two years.                    C. Seven years.
20. What is true about the awards?
A. The awards have different prizes.
B. The winners will get extra vacation days.
C. A total of $1200 was given out.
第二部分 阅读理解(百强校英语解析团队专供)(共两节,满分40分)
Bandhavgarh National Park in India is best known for its amazing setting, as well as having the highest concentration of tigers in India. In addition to tigers, there are also bears, deer, wolves, birds, etc.
Location: In Madhya Pradesh state, almost 200 kilometers northeast of Jabalpur. The nearest village is Tala, which is the access point of the park.
Opening Hours and Safari(打猎)Times
Safaris operate twice a day, starting at dawn until late morning, and mid afternoon until sunset. The best time to visit the park is early in the morning or after 4 p.m. to spot the animals. the park is closed from July 1 to September 30 due to the monsoon season(季风季节).
Bandhavgarh Zone
Bandhavgarh is divided into three main zones: Tala (the park’s best zone, with the most tigers), Magdhi (the second best zone to see tigers), and Khitauli (scenic and less visited, although tiger sighting do occur there; particularly good for birding).
Entry Fees and Charges for Jeep Safaris
Bandhavgarh has become expensive to visit in recent years. Entry fees have increased since October 2014. When going on a safari, separate fees must be paid for park entry and jeep hire. Entry tickets are priced per vehicle (up to six people). For 2015-16, park entry tickets cost as follows:
Tala Zone: 2,400 rupees for Indians, 4,800 rupees for foreigners. (Up to six people)
Other Zones: 1,200 rupees for Indians, 2,400 rupees for foreigners. (Up to six people)
Jeep Hire
Expect to pay about 2,200 rupees to hire a jeep, in addition to the entry cost. This can be done at the park entrance. All hotels can arrange jeep hire and tours, but at a higher rate. It’s much less trouble though. Besides, unlike many national parks in India, it’s possible to take private vehicles into Bandhavgarh.
1. What is Bandhavgarh National Park most famous for?
A. Species of bears.    B. Lots of tigers.
C. Beautiful birds.    D. A number of wolves.
2. How much should five Americans pay for entry fees to visit Magdhi Zone?
A. 1,200 rupees.    B. 2,400 rupees.
C. 4,800 rupees.    D. 6,000 rupees.
3. Which of the following statements is TRUE about jeep hire in the park?
A. Tourists don’t have to hire jeeps.
B. Hiring jeeps from hotels costs less money.
C. Tourists can only hire a jeep from the park.
D. Jeep hire fees are included in the entry cost.
【答案】1. B    2. B    3. A
1. 细节理解题。由文中第一段开头一句Bandhavgarh National Park in India is best known for its amazing setting, as well as having the highest concentration of tigers in India可知,班达伽公园以大量的老虎闻名,故B选项正确。
2. 细节理解题。根据文章“Other Zones: 1,200 rupees for Indians, 2,400 rupees for foreigners. (Up to six people)”可知,五个美国人(不是印度人)去公园的Magdhi区需要支付2400卢比。故B选项正确。
3. 细节理解题。根据文章最后一段“Expect to pay about 2,200 rupees to hire a jeep, in addition to the entry cost”和“Besides, unlike many national parks in India, it’s possible to take private vehicles into Bandhavgarh.”可知,公园允许游客开私家车进入,不用必须租借吉普车。A选项正确。
【点睛】 本文细节题居多,答题时在文章找到对应的地方,用笔进行标记,这有利于后期有时间检查时可以立刻找到答案的位置。仔细理解作者所讲的意思,再结合选项,通过排除法和自己对全文的把握,选出正确答案。例如本文的第1小题,四个选项在文中第一段均有提及,但是注意问题说的的最出名的,most famous=best known,所以B选项正确。本文的第2小题注意看清题干,因文中提到了印度人和外国人的费用是不同的,所以五个美国人属于外国人,B选项正确。
My first book had been rejected by every major American publisher. My first agent, wasn’t communicating. My dream of a life as a successful author was in tatters.
“It isn’t going to happen,” I said to my friend. “And I have to accept it.”
“If you lose faith in your product, no one else will have faith in it,” she told me.
And, I knew she was right. But, how could I believe in myself when I hit a wall at every turn? I knew I had a good product. The book featured interviews with world-famous people who had learned how to succeed and lead—the hard way. It had information that could help other people. As a consumer, I would have loved that book because it had the great wisdom I so desperately needed. And, their stories made for good reading. I had a good book. What I didn’t have was a publisher. I had to find a way to get that book sold and on the shelves. But, how?
The hardest challenge was forcing myself to do battle again. I had to find the strength to believe in myself when it seemed like no one else believed in me. When I hit a wall, I usually need to get more information to figure out what is going wrong. So, I did some research and found out that my initial vision for the book-where all the interview subjects got their own chapters-wasn’t marketable to big publishers because that format does not sell tons of books. What I had to do was recognize, restructure and rewrite.
I needed an agent. There are thousands of agents. Surely one of them was right for me. So, I started sending out query(询问)letters. Within a week, I had a dozen agents who wanted the book. I chose the one who I thought would believe in me and my dream. She did get me my choices of publishers.
Hard won Wisdom wound up being a best-selling book. But, it almost never was.
4. Which can best replace the underlined part “in tatters” in Paragraph 1?
A. Great.    B. Ruined.
C. Strange.    D. Cherished.
5. How can the author’s first book be described?
A. It is very theoretical.    B. It contains many love stories.
C. It is about a well-known person.    D. It is quite useful for many people.
6. Which part of the mentioned book was changed by the author?
A. The cover of it.    B. The main content.
C. The structure of it.    D. The introduction part.
7. What does the author’s story tell us?
A. Never give up.    B. Easier said than done.
C. Every man has his faults.    D. Never judge a book by its cover.
【答案】4. B    5. D    6. C    7. A
5. 推理判断题。由文中第四段的 It had information that could help other people.可知,作者的这本书对很多人是有用的。故D选项正确。
6. 推理判断题。由倒数第三段及What I had to do was recognize, restructure and rewrite.可知,作者书的结构需要重新写。C选项正确。
7. 主旨大意题。文中反复提到作者的书无法出版的问题,而作者正视这些问题,不断的修改,期望能出版,期间作者从未放弃,一直坚信自己的书会成为畅销书,所以他想告诉读者不要放弃。故A选项正确。
Marjorie grew up with a sense of worthlessness. Again and again her father said she would never accomplish anything in life. He told her she was a loser and that anything she did was sure to end in failure. With these words constantly ringing in her ears she grew up looking for someone who would love her and see her as a person of worth. This led her into relationships that disappointed her, ending in pain yet, which was another proof that she was worthless and unlovable. Where does our sense of self-worth come from?
It is true that the foundation for a person’s self-worth is laid in the home. Words that we hear in our home can build or tear down our worth. Encouraging words are words of life to us while words of criticism are words of death. Other people like teachers, friends and employers add to the collection of life-giving death words in a person’s heart. Over time a person begins to see themselves in the light of these words. In this situation can one develop a sense of worth?
Feeling worthless is possibly the most obvious symptom of low self-esteem(自尊心). But it’s easy to overcome. However tough your childhood is, you can still choose to enrich the world every day simply by the way you interact with others and make caring decisions. Whether we contribute anything or not is a choice. Feeling worthless means that you’re not doing as well in the areas that matter to you and therefore you need to try to increase your self-esteem. To feel worthwhile, you’ll have to really work at it and never give up on yourself.
All human beings are capable of adding value to society, including you. Thus there are no excuses for saying things like “I’m worthless, stupid, useless” because you have the choice not to be any of these things.
8. From Paragraph 1, we can know that ________.
A. Marjorie was a very confident woman
B. fathers decide children’s future development
C. family education affects children’s growth
D. children shouldn’t follow their parents’ advice
9. The third paragraph mainly shows us ________.
A. what is self-esteem
B. why we feel worthless
C. when we should make a choice
D. how we should change ourselves
10. It can be inferred from the passage that ________.
A. all of us can contribute to society
B. our self-esteem is only built at home
C. people should treat children strictly like their parents
D. people should accomplish anything that matters to us
11. Which of the following is the best title of this text?
A. The reasons for worthlessness
B. Take action to become worthwhile
C. The importance of fathers’ education
D. Study to get self-esteem
【答案】8. C    9. D    10. A    11. B
8. 段落大意题。第一段主要讲了Marjorie在她的成长过程中,父亲对她的否定使得她丧失信心,觉得自己无用,越是想证明自己有用,越是取得相反的结果,最终她也开始怀疑自己。这说明家庭的教育对孩子的影响很大。故C选项正确。
9. 段落大意题。由文中第三段的最后To feel worthwhile, you’ll have to really work at it and never give up on yourself.可知,本段主要讲了我们应该怎样改变自己。故D选项正确。
10. 推理判断题。由文中最后一段All human beings are capable of adding value to society, including you. 可知,我们所有的人都能对社会有所贡献。故A选项正确。
11. 主旨大意题。本文主要讲述了如何获得自我价值,增强自尊心。故B选项正确。
When you see someone you know, the easiest way to recognize them is by their face—but not everyone can do this. Many people have prosopagnosia, or face blindness, which is a neurological(神经病学的)condition where the part o the brain that recognizes faces fails to develop. It can stop people recognizing partners, family members, friends or even their own reflection. It was once though to be caused by brain injury (acquired prosopagnosia) but now a genetic link has been proved (development prosopagnosia).
Acquired prosopagnosia is a very rare but as many as one in 50 people may have developmental prosopagnosia. There’s no specific treatment, but training programmes are being developed to help improve facial recognition.
For many, the situation can be dangerous. I’ve heard stories of people being robbed by strangers claiming to be family members, or of children wandering off strange men.
It was only is this century that researchers began to realize exactly how many people in this world were quietly living with the condition.
Like a blind person who can recognize family members by their footsteps, prosopagnosics are forced to develop unusual ways of discovering who it is they’re meeting or talking to. From the obvious markers like hair and voice, to the way one sits, stands or walks, they rely on dozens of means to get through ordinary life.
Faces are an important part of identity. Not to be recognized feels terrible—it’s as if you’ve been overlooked, like someone’s saying you don’t matter. But it’s nothing to the pain of knowing that you’re hurting people’s feelings constantly, and yet being completely unaware that you’re doing it in the moment. To be alienated(隔离的)from the world of faces is a strange position to be in, but I’m comforted by the thought that articles like this will do a little to help people forgive me and others like me.
12. Why do some people have developmental prosopagnosia?
A. Mainly due to brain injury.
B. Mainly due to their life styles.
C. Mainly for biological reasons.
D. Mainly for psychological reasons.
13. What can we learn about prosopagnosia?
A. We can do nothing to deal with it.
B. One fifth of people suffer from it.
C. It can be cured by training programmes.
D. Developmental prosopagnosia is more common.
14. Like a blind person, people with prosopagnosia ________.
A. depend on their families for a normal life.
B. are embarrassed about their condition.
C. are usually laughed at by other people.
D. have special ways to recognize people
15. What can we infer about people with prosopagnosia from the last paragraph?
A. They are unfriendly to others.
B. They feel hurting others doesn’t matter.
C. They often make others feel ignored.
D. They avoid communicating with others.
【答案】12. C    13. D    14. D    15. C
12. 细节理解题。由文中第一段的最后一句 It was once though to be caused by brain injury (acquired prosopagnosia) but now a genetic link has been proved (development prosopagnosia).可知,development prosopagnosia是跟基因有关的,所以是生物学的原因。故C选项正确。
13. 细节理解题。由文中第二段第一句Acquired prosopagnosia is a very rare but as many as one in 50 people may have developmental prosopagnosia.可知,五十个人中就有一个人患有发展性人面失认症,所以说是很普遍的。故D选项正确。
14. 细节理解题。由文中倒数第二段的Like a blind person who can recognize family members by their footsteps, prosopagnosics are forced to develop unusual ways of discovering who it is they’re meeting or talking to.可知,和盲人一样,人面失认症的人也需要特别的方法来认人。故D选项正确。
15. 推理判断题。根据文中最后一段的But it’s nothing to the pain of knowing that you’re hurting people’s feelings constantly, and yet being completely unaware that you’re doing it in the moment. 可知,患有人面失认症的人通常因为认不出别人而让他人感到他们被忽视。故C选项正确。
第二节 (7选5)(共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)
Steel is a hard metal that people use to make many different products. Car bodies, bridges, building frames, and containers are just a few of the things made from steel. ____16____ But steel is better than iron in many ways. Steel is stronger but lighter than iron. Steel also lasts longer than iron.
___17___ Then they add carbon to the liquid iron. They may also add other materials to make different types of steel. For example, steel with added chromium(铬)is called stainless steel. It will not rust(生锈)or stain. Finally, workers use machines to cool the liquid steel into bars or long sheets. ___18___
People made the first steel as early as 1400 BC. Ancient people heated iron inside a pile of burning charcoal(木炭). ____19____. The result was not the same as modern steel, but it was stronger than regular iron.
In the 1800s people began to use huge ovens to make large amounts of steel. In the late 1800s builders used steel to make some of the first skyscrapers. ____20____. In the 1900s new processes made steel-making easier. Today steel remains one of the most popular building materials in the world.
A. This added carbon to the iron.
B. Steel is quite different from iron.
C. The hardened steel may then be made into products.
D. Steel is basically iron mixed with a little carbon.
E. Then they will be cooled and put on the market.
F. To make steel, workers hear iron until it melts.
G. They also used steel to make large, modern bridges.
【答案】16. D    17. F   
18. C    19. A   
20. G
16. 上一句提到了钢,下一句提到钢与铁的比较,所以该句是承接下文,表达的是钢与铁的关系。D选项“钢是含有少量混合物的铁。”切题。
17. 该句是标题句。下文主要讲的是钢是如何制成铁的。所以F选项“为了制作钢,工人们要加热直到铁融化。”切题。F中的to make steel与文中的 to make different types of steel.相呼应。
18. 上一句提到“工人们使用机器将钢水冷却成条形或长条形。”而接下来这些钢将会被制成产品。所以C选项“更坚硬的钢可能后面会被制成产品。”切题。
19. 上一句提到“古代人在一堆燃烧的木炭(木炭)里面加热铁。”所以铁里含有碳。A选项“这把碳加入了铁中。”切题。
20. 该段讲了钢的作用。上一句提到了钢可以制造摩天大楼。所以该句也应是钢的作用。G选项“他们也用钢制作大的,现代的桥。”切题。
【点睛】七选五的解题技巧之一是根据上下文词汇来锁定线索。即:要关注空白前后的名词和动词,然后在选项中查找它们的近义词、反义词、同义词、同类词等。其次是一些专有名词,比如说数词、代词、时间、年代、地点/名称等。在本文中,第2小题中的to make steel;第3小题的 products;第5小题的used steel,均与上下文或选项中有相呼应的词语。
第三部分 英语知识运用(百强校英语解析团队专供)(共三节,满分55分)
第一节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)
I sat down at my desk and tried to focus on my studies. In just seven more days, finals would be over and all the students in my college ____21____ would be leaving to   go home-____22____ me. I would be moving ____23____ to another dormitory for the Christmas break.
I had no ____24____. I was a student from Pennsylvania attending college in Utah and my family of ten couldn’t ____25____ to pay for my ticket home. The only ____26____ I was even able to attend college was that I had received several scholarships.
I started at the white snow dancing through the air. This would be my ____27____ Christmas away from home. I felt so ____28____ that I could weep. ____29____ I swallowed down the ache that was rising in my throat, my phone rang suddenly. I reached over and picked it ____30____.
“Hi, Teddi. This is Elsie.” What was my boss from high school grocery job ____31____ me for? “All the workers here ____32____ that you weren’t able to make it home this year. ____33____ we bought you a ticket. You’re coming home!”
I screamed.
Fifteen minutes later I was off the ____34____ and jumping up and down for ____35____. Neighbors came over to see what the ____36____ was all about.
“I’m going home for Christmas! My ____37____ at my high school job bought me a ticket!” I told them.
Christmas ____38____, I was awoken by laughs and screams of joy. The smell of roasting turkey and the wrapping paper(包装纸)that grew higher and higher filled me with love and ____39____. The kindness of some special fiends ____40____ me to have the best Christmas ever.
21. A. classroom    B. library    C. dormitory    D. playground
22. A. along with    B. except for    C. instead of    D. due to
23. A. temporarily    B. immediately    C. finally    D. gradually
24. A. excuse    B. intention    C. choice    D. plan
25. A. stop    B. afford    C. decide    D. remember
26. A. reason    B. chance    C. goal    D. truth
27. A. only    B. first    C. best    D. real
28. A. nervous    B. worried    C. upset    D. tired
29. A. If    B. Since    C. Unless    D. When
30. A. up    B. on    C. off    D. out
31. A. asking    B. telling    C. calling    D. writing
32. A. heard    B. reported    C. noticed    D. accepted
33. A. but    B. while    C. though    D. so
34. A. train    B. window    C. phone    D. road
35. A. joy    B. pride    C. faith    D. freedom
36. A. alarm    B. noise    C. cry    D. panic
37. A. bosses    B. customers    C. employers    D. friends
38. A. Eve    B. morning    C. afternoon    D. evening
39. A. power    B. honor    C. confidence    D. gratitude
40. A. allowed    B. pushed    C. taught    D. helped
【答案】21. C    22. B    23. A    24. C    25. B    26. A    27. B    28. C    29. D    30. A    31. C    32. A    33. D    34. C    35. A    36. B    37. D    38. B    39. D    40. D
21. 考查名词词义辨析。A. classroom 教室;  B. library 图书馆;   C. dormitory宿舍; D. playground操场。根据下文的I was a student可知,我是一名学生,所以这里应该是大学宿舍。故C选项切题。
22. 考查短语词义辨析。A. along with和……一起;  B. except for除了;  C. instead of  而不是;  D. due to由。根据下文可知,作者因为没钱买票所以无法回家,所以宿舍的人除了她都走了。故B选项切题。
23. 考查副词词义辨析。A. temporarily 暂时;  B. immediately立即;  C. finally最终; D. gradually逐渐地。因为圣诞节无法回家,所以要暂时搬到另外的宿舍。故A选项切题。
24. 考查名词词义辨析。A. excuse借口; B. intention 目的; C. choice 选择; D. plan计划。这里指的是作者别无选择只能去宿舍。C选项切题。
25. 考查动词词义辨析。A. stop 停止; B. afford 支付; C. decide决定;D. remember记得。作者因为买不起票所以回不了家。can’t afford to买不起。B选项切题。
26. 考查名词词义辨析。A. reason 原因; B. chance 机会; C. goal目标;D. truth真实。这里的意思是我能上大学的原因是我获得了几次奖学金。故A选项切题。
27. 考查序数词词义辨析。这里指的是第一次圣诞节远离家。故B选项切题。
28. 考查形容词词义辨析。A. nervous紧张;   B. worried 担心;  C. upset难过; D. tired疲惫的。因为作者无法回家所以很难过。故C选项切题。
29. 考查连词词义辨析。这里的意思当我正要哭泣时,我的手机突然响了。When当……时候。故D选项切题。
30. 考查动词短语词义辨析。这里指的是作者接听电话。Pick up接电话,故A选项切题。
31. 考查动词词义辨析。A. asking 询问;   B. telling 告诉; C. calling打电话;    D. writing写作。这里指的是高中杂货铺工作的老板给我打电话。故C选项切题。
32. 考查动词词义辨析。A. heard听; B. reported 报道;  C. noticed  注意;  D. accepted接受。这里的意思是这里的工人都听说了我不能回家。A选项切题。
33. 考查连词词义辨析。工人们听说作者没钱回家,所以他们给她买了一张票。故D选项切题。
34. 考查名词词义辨析。A. train 火车;  B. window窗户;C. phone 电话;  D. road道路。这里的意思是作者挂了电话。故C选项切题。
35. 考查名词词义辨析。A. joy开心;  B. pride骄傲; C. faith信心;  D. freedom自由。作者得知她可以回家了,所以她很开心。故A选项切题。
36. 考查名词词义辨析。A. alarm警告;  B. noise  噪音;  C. cry 哭泣; D. panic痛苦。因为作者开心的又蹦又跳,产生了噪音,所以邻居都过来看看怎么回事。B选项切题。
37. 考查名词词义辨析。A. bosses 老板; B. customers 客人; C. employers雇佣人;D. friends朋友。由上文工人给作者买了票,而这些工人也是作者的朋友。故D选项切题。
38. 考查名词词义辨析。根据后文的I was awoken可知,这应该是早上。故B选项切题。
39. 考查名词词义辨析。A. power 力量;B. honor 荣誉; C. confidence 信心; D. gratitude感恩。因朋友帮忙她能回家过圣诞节,所以这里指的是充满爱和感恩。故D选项切题。
40. 考查动词词义辨析。 A. allowed  允许;  B. pushed  推;  C. taught 教;   D. helped帮助。这里指的是朋友的善良帮助我度过了最好的圣诞节。D选项切题。
第三部分 英语知识运用(百强校英语解析团队专供)(共三节,满分55分)
第二节 语法填空(共10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)
The representatives from six major international film festivals attended a ____41____ (week) programme. Maria says that the Venice Film Festival is the oldest film festival in the world, ____42____ is an annual festival that ____43____ (begin) in 1932. Kathy tells the audience that the Sundance Film Festival deliberately boycotts all Hollywood films and that they don’t foresee ever including ____44____. Isabel says Cannes is ____45____ festival that can make films famous, at which many films ____46____ (show) to the public for the first time. At Berlin International Film Festival, Hollywood films are ____47____ the minority, films that are likely to be overlooked at other festivals have a real chance of ____48____ (become) champions. Mike thinks the Toronto International Film Festival is the ____49____ (two) largest festival in the world. Xu Li says the Shanghai International Film Festival has a good reputation worldwide and they have ____50____ (entry) from many different countries.
【答案】41. weekly   
42. which    43. began   
44. them    45. another   
46. are shown   
47. in    48. becoming   
49. second    50. entries
41. 考查形容词。Week为名词,后面不能再接名词,所以需用其形容词形式,表示一周的。故填weekly。
42. 考查定语从句。该句缺少主语,主语为逗号前的 Venice Film Festival,所以这里用which引导非限制性定语从句。故填which。
43. 考查时态。由空后的in 1932可知,该空需用过去式,故填began。
44. 考查代词。这里的意思是圣丹斯电影节故意刁难好莱坞电影,他们无法预测他们的电影能否参加评选,所在这里用them来代指好莱坞电影。故填them。
45. 考查形容词。这里指的是戛纳电影节是另外一个可以让电影出名的节日。故填another。
46. 考查被动语态。Film与show之间是被动关系,所以这里需用被动语态。故填are shown。
47. 考查介词。in the minority在少数,为固定搭配,所以该空需用in。故填in。
48. 考查介词。Become为动词,介词of后不能接动词原形,需用动名词形式。故填becoming。
49. 考查序数词。two为基数词,表示两个,这里表示第二个大的节日,所以需用其序数词形式。故填second。
50. 考查名词复数。entry为可数名词,由they可知,该空需用名词复数。故填entries。
第三节 单词填空(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
51. Many tall buildings ________ (spring) up along the river in the past five years.
52. An increasing number of young people are facing ________(失业), which is disturbing to many.
53. No reliable figures are available for money ________ (accumulate) from popcorn sales.
54. ________ (slave) is a system under which some people are owned by others and are forced to work for them without pay.
55. Modern pop music has its ________(起源、根茎)in the folk songs of black.
56. Bill had trouble ________(计算)the budget for the new project.
57. The young man ________ (dip) her finger into the water to see whether it had cooled down.
58. After the disaster, there were many ________(自相矛盾、不一致的)reports about how severe it was, making it difficult to learn how bad the storm had been.
59. Regardless of our efforts, we have not reached any agreement ________ (regard) this problem.
60. Many countries have tight ________(限制、限制规定)on the possession of guns.
【答案】51. have sprung   
52. unemployment   
53. accumulated   
54. Slavery   
55. roots    56. calculating   
57. dipped    58. contradictory   
59. regarding   
60. restrictions
51. 考查时态。in the past +时间段与现在完成时态连用,所以该句需用现在完成时,故填have sprung。
52. 考查名词。句意:大量的年轻人正面临失业。该空需用名词。unemployment失业,故填unemployment。
53. 考查非谓语动词。句意:没有精确的数字表明有多少钱是来源于爆米花销售的。这里需用过去分词作后置定语。故填accumulated。
54. 考查名词。slave作名词讲时意为奴隶,由system可知,这里指的是奴隶制而不是奴隶,故填slavery。
55. 考查名词。root当指事物的根本起因时,可根据数量单复数都行,但是当强调根基,根源时只能用复数形式。而这里表示的根源,需用复数形式。故填roots。
56. 考查固定搭配。have trouble doing sth做某事有困难,为固定搭配,所以这里动词需用ing形式。故填calculating 。
57. 考查时态。句意:这个年轻人把手指放到水里看它是否已经冷却下来。由文中的had可知该句时态应为过去时,所以该空需用过去式。故填dipped。
58. 考查形容词。句意:关于风暴有多严重有很多自相矛盾的报道,所以很难了解风暴的严重程度。该空需用形容词, contradictory 意为自相矛盾的。 故填 contradictory  。
59. 考查介词。句意:无论我们如何努力,关于这个问题我们都无法达成一致。regard为动词,这里需改为其介词regarding,意为关于。故填regarding。
60. 考查名词复数。句意:许多国家对拥有枪支都有严格的限制。restriction为可数名词,所以需用复数形式。故填restrictions。

第四部分 写作(百强校英语解析团队专供)(共两节,满分35分)
第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
61. 假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改课文片段默写,请你修改你同桌写的以下片段。其中共有10处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加、删除和修改。
注意:1. 每处错误及其修改仅限一词;
2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分;
3. 将改正后的答案按要求写在答题卡的相应位置。
Members Wanted
An English Speech Association has set up in our school. Now, they are recruiting members. If you are enthusiastically about English speech, please join us.
By participating in our various activity, you will harvest a lot. First, you can develop good communication skills and make a lot of friends there. What’s more, not only will you be able to use that you will learn to become a persuasive speaker but also you can improve your spoken English. So join us or you’ll have the chance to show a best of you to the world with your voice.
Students of all grades are welcome. If interesting, please scan the OR code and fill in the application form.
Don’t hesitate to take part in.
Student Union
第一处:考查被动语态。Association与set up之间是被动关系,社团应该是被建立,所以该句需用被动语态,现在完成时态的被动语态是have/has been done,故需在has后加been。
第三处:考查形容词。be enthusiastic about对……有热情,所以这里需将副词enthusiastically改为形容词enthusiastic。
第九处:考查形容词。该句为省略句,省略了主谓you are,当表示人对……感兴趣时,需用过去分词形式。故需将interesting改为interested。
第十处:考查介词。该句不完整,take part in后需接成分,意思是参加这个社团,若后面不接成分省略时需将in也省去。故需将in去掉。
第二节 书面表达(百强校英语解析团队专供)(满分25分)
62. 假设你是李华,是一名高三学生。最近,你校广播站面向全体学生招募两名英语播音员(announcer)。你很想尝试一下,请根据下面的要点写一封自荐信。
Dear Mr Li,
Li Hua
【答案】Dear Mr Li,
I am Li Hua, a student in Class 1, Grade 3. Learning that our school radio station is looking for two English announcers, I wish to apply for the position.
I am greatly interested in broadcasting. I have received some professional training in my spare time. Now I would like to put what I have learned into practice. Besides, I am good at English, especially spoken English. I won first prize in the English Speech Competition last year. So I think I am highly qualified for the job. If admitted, I will try my best to serve the students. I sincerely hope you can give me a chance to work for the school radio station.
Looking forward to your early reply.
Li Hua
范文内容完整,语言规范,语篇连贯,词数适当。作者在范文中使用了较多高级表达方式,如 Now I would like to put what I have learned into practice状语从句,宾语从句 If admitted, I will try my best to serve the students. I sincerely hope you can give me a chance to work for the school radio station.等。全文中没有中国式英语的句式,显示了很高的驾驭英语的能力。另外,文章思路清晰、层次分明,上下句转换自然,为文章增色添彩。






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